Join me as I tackle this VIP fitness bootcamp at the start of my 37th year.

I expect that this will be my fittest year ever, by starting with this bootcamp workout.  

Join me and it will bring results to your transformation like never before…  

…Results, Guaranteed!



Get Fit For Halloween


The start date and length of the program are unique in that if completed on schedule and you join us at the beginning, at exactly 9 weeks, the program will conclude on Sunday October 29th- 2 days before Halloween.

What’s funny, is that this is a military inspired bootcamp style of workout and the last week is appropriately called “Hell Week” which mimics the Hell Week period found in certain real military workouts…    


You’ll be able to fully express your Spartan Warrior in these workouts!


And the finish date of this program and this last week is appropriate as well

Since ‘Hell Week’ in this program completes at Halloween Time…. Right?


And of course, since you’ll be well on your way to getting “Ripped” You might even be able to get into this Spartan Costume for Halloween Too!



Real People, Real Results!


All of these individuals have gotten phenomenal results from this very program and won money by submitting their results (which is open to everyone who does this challenge)!    Will You?   

Get Bootcamp Fit with me and the team – all in 22 minutes a day.   


Gilles LeBlanc lost 25 lbs. in 10 weeks. He entered his results into the won $1,500!



Sabrina D. was looking for something fast and simple to get her back into great shape. She lost 12 pounds and 4 inches!



After just eight weeks and an additional Hell Week, he lost 17.1 pounds and 3 inches.



Abigail was out of shape with her self-esteem at an all-time low. She needed a program that would fit into her busy schedule…  In 8 weeks, she lost 13 pounds!




Here’s the details:


1. It’s only 22 minutes a day


2. It will take you 9 weeks to complete in full (if you complete the last bonus week, 8 Weeks if Not)

3. The program only needs a couple of dumbbells or a sandbag and a way to do pull ups

           (band pull downs work just as well- ask me for alternatives, I will help)


4. Internet Access to stream the guided workout or you can get DVDs

5. Commit, Commit, Commit

6. A Big Purpose and Reason

7: Designed specifically to end on Halloween with “Hell Week”

8. You will use a Mobile App Daily to Login & record your Accountability

9. You will be expected to complete the program but you will get results or your money back 








An easy-to-use training tool that helps sculpt and tone your entire body. Fully adjustable PT Sandbag holds up to 20 pounds.

The first 3 People to get my Fitness Challenge Pack will receive the PT Sandbang as a bonus gift from me.


This retails for $34.95 and is the perfect addition to our 22 minute Bootcamp.


You will need to buy this or have some dumbbells on hands

(I highly recommend the Sandbag.  It’s what I will be using).    


Of course, if you take action fast-  

-I will drop ship a brand new PT Sandbag Right to you!

Click HERE to Watch the Video, Ask Questions & Get Started

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