MLSP vs Elite Marketing Pro – Updated for 2015


So what is the difference between (My Lead System PRO) MLSP vs Elite Marketing Pro?

This question has come up a lot recently with the recent rise in popularity of the EMP system this year (2015)…

that I felt compelled to create a new blog post covering the differences as some of the posts are out of date if you google search the difference.



I want to state that I use both of them and they both have their particular uses.

So your choice needs to be based on your needs. 

Both of these Systems are based on the concept of

Attraction Marketing


and are designed to help you start or enhance an online based home business.


So what is the BIG difference between MLSP vs Elite Marketing Pro?



EMP→ It seems the largest difference is that Elite Marketing Pro is about helping you make money online and creating up-front customers in a similar fashion as the Old Magnetic Sponsoring Platform.


This is accomplished with Funded Proposals and funnels on the front end.  Once they become a lead and customer, you can market anything you want to them including your primary business opportunity.


Tools that come with the system include the monthly EMP INSIDER subscription, private mastermind group, a beginner’s blogging platform, a custom Lead Capture and Sales page creation system.


MLSP→ My Lead System Pro (MLSP) is about helping you generate leads online through a training and education platform and does offer funded proposals and referrals on the back-end as well as offer your primary business opportunity.  

In addition,
MLSP has several key tools for Internet Marketers including

Funnelizer (lead capture, sales pages, squeeze pages, etc), CRM (a top-notch Customer Relationship Manager), a free autoresponder for beginners (although you’ll want to upgrade to a Pro AR eventually), and the all new MLSP sites blogging platform



A few more things to discuss:

I’m going to dig a little deeper into these two systems and show you what each has available to offer.


(MLSP) My Lead System Pro 



This system was actually built off the training the founders received from Mike Dillard, the founder of Magnetic Sponsoring.


What does My Lead System Pro (MLSP) have to offer you?


Let’s begin with the two Membership levels.

→University for $49.97 per month and  

→Mastery for $149.97 per month (or Mastery for $1499.97 annual)


MLSP Training:

The training offered by MLSP is top notch. You have access to leaders from all over the MLM / Home Business industry that are having amazing success with this system.

Depending on your Membership level, You will be invited to 

  • Weekly webinars 
  • Daily Mindset calls
  • Tons and Tons of Daily, Weekly, and archived Training
  • Products you can promote for a Commission
  • Capture pages
  • Use the CRM to track leads/ prospects for your business
  • Funnelizer (w/ Mastery Membership)
  • MLSP Sites (Blog Platform for all members)


MLSP is an affiliate company, so it allows you to add an extra residual paycheck every month.

At the Mastery Level they also provide complete products with commissions that go up to 100%. That can be a nice bonus check every month for you.

This system is really geared towards helping you generate leads for your business.

A powerful system and one I recommend.  

Click here to Review the MLSP University Membership


Click here to Review the MLSP Mastery Membership


Elite Marketing Pro



Elite Marketing Pro is designed to be the building blocks to creating a 6-7 Figure income online.


Beyond generating biz-op leads,  inside this system you’ll find training on how to generate traffic, leads, and building your business online – specifically using Internet Marketing Principles and Online Advertising…   



What does Elite Marketing Pro (EMP) have to offer you?

Let’s start with the three membership levels:

→Elite Marketing Pro for $47.00 monthly

→Elite Marketing Pro Annual for $297.00

→Elite Marketing Pro VIP for $2997.00 annual (subject to change)


Elite Marketing Pro Training:

The training offered by EMP is top notch as well.

Inside you’ll get the training and tools you will need to build your own brand and business online.

This system is built by top leaders that are dedicated to helping you achieve massive success online.


Highlighting the differences with EMP,  all levels get access to:

  • Ignition Coaching (1-2-1 coaching with a business coach for free) $297.00 per call value, 495.00 value video coaching system- all part of the system!
  • A pre-designed blog (no where close at the time of this writing that you get with MLSP Sites)
  • A crystal clear action plan designed for you to know exactly what to do each day
  • Easily Create your own capture and sales pages (very easy and customizable)
  • Products you can promote for a commission (up to  100% commission)
  • Begin to Win – Live weekly Back Office training of the system
  • Daily Dose of Awesome – Phone in for your daily dose of motivation and mindset
  • Monday Community Hangout – Exclusive insider training and community building


Elite Marketing Pro is bent on teaching and training you to successfully learn the skill to not only market EMP but any product, service, or company in the world.


EMP VIP level is where the highest return on investment takes place. Access to the leaders library, valued at over $8,653.oo+.

This is every product currently provided by and produced by EMP  and will absolutely change your life and business!


Also, Inside the VIP level of EMP you will learn how to create your own product, market your products, create webinars, and email marketing.

Elite Marketing PRO is the training wheels to create a sustainable life-long Internet Empire.

When you join at the EMP VIP level I am giving you a Free month of coaching to help you get results faster.


This is also an affiliate program and you have the opportunity to get up-to 100% commission on all products you promote, including paid webinars.

As a bonus anyone that joins my team with Elite Marketing Pro gets invited to my personal mastermind group, blog syndication group, and gets access to weekly live training with me and our marketing team.


Click here to Get Started with Elite Marketing PRO

Click Here to check out the EMP Annual Offer


Ultimately the choice is up to you.


In essence,

what you get with MLSP is a system for building your existing business and branding YOU,

EMP can be used in that way but stands more on it’s own as a complete “Business-in-a-Box” system with products pre-loaded for use.  


Both Systems are similar and can be used in all the ways I describe each of them.  Each one has strong points….


Whatever you choose welcome to the amazing world of online marketing.

I wish you success daily!


I hope the review on MLSP vs Elite Marketing Pro has been helpful.


These two links provide video overviews of each system.  

No opt-in Required here, just click and watch:


EMP -Click to Watch- Getting Started Here


MLSP- Click to Watch-  Getting Started Here



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