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Nuero-Mass:  The 3 Step System to  –
Build muscle, Increase maximal STRENGTH, Develop speed and power, Drop body-fat and Develop CONDITIONING.



Above, you’ll see the photo of the Neuro-Mass Publishing Team.

These folks are continually releasing programs to help you develop the strength and conditioning of an elite level athlete…. 

I’m always impressed with the Folks at Dragon Door.

With their programs, you can start as a beginner and work your way through it.  I’m a big fan.


Between them and Team Beachbody,

I’ve got everything I could ever want for fitness and athletic success.  

Not putting them down- but CrossFit isn’t the only forger of fitness in town- 

These people know how to really develop Elite Levels of Fitness one progressive step at a time!  

You can too.


Enter their newest program:   Neuro-Mass.



Here’s What Zach Even – Esh of Underground Strength has to say about this latest book and training system:

Neuro-Mass is right up my alley—and what I love to see other strength and power athletes following. It’s also a blueprint for those who want to develop a strong, durable body, one that not only looks strong, but truly is strong. Prepare to push yourself out of your comfort zone and remember, that is exactly what it takes if you are into results!”
—ZACH EVEN–ESH, Founder, The Underground Strength Gym







The Author of this program is Jon Bruney, a professional strongman, with extensive media coverage and professional experience.  




He’s worked with Olympic and Professional Sports Athletes and you will even see in the pages of Ripley’s Believe it or Not or recently on America’s got Talent.


And, as far as Neuro-Mass is concerned, I bought my copy as soon as I could because it describes the type of strength training I personally like to do.  I’ll do a separate review in the future on my personal thoughts…


For now, let me introduce you to the author, you can read his own posts about this system in the following discussion here (Click to Read):


5 Mistakes In The Gym That Are Holding You Back From Being As Strong, Muscular, Fast, Explosive and Well-Conditioned As You Could Be…


1. Choosing the wrong exercises
2. Choosing a program that develops “Show Muscle” instead of “Smart Muscle”

3. Spending too much time at the gym

4. Lack of focus and mental preparation

5. Failing to break training plateaus



And here’s another one from the Author of Neuro-Mass:

What is this revolutionary training concept called NEURO-MASS?


The Neuro-Mass system incorporates cutting edge exercise combinations called Neuro-Sets. These Neuro-Sets deliver maximum muscle and strength gains in minimum time.


How is this accomplished?


First of all, we combine three distinct types of exercises into one set. 
The three types of exercises are Grinds, Dynamic Power Drills, and Isometrics. 
The result of these powerful Neuro-Sets is increased muscle size, strength and athleticism.



Neuro-Mass is something special…

It contains stuff for anyone that trains for a purpose.


Its’s available on the publishers website and that’s where you’ll pick it up at, but before you buy it, 

Get all the ordering info here and perhaps some special bonuses if you get a copy today.

BTW- at less than $50.00 you’re getting a TON of value. Enjoy!


Get Neuro Mass Ordering Info HERE


To Your Gains In mass, strength, power and conditioning,


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When you get Neuro-Mass, Please come back to the page and leave your thoughts and questions… I’d love to know what you think about it.



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