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Wow!  If that doesn’t get you fired up, then you are asleep!

I first heard this amazing story because of Eric Thomas, over at ET Inspires.  ET is one of my favorite motivational speakers and it should be no surprise that he’s connected with the likes of Inky Johnson.    He also spoke one of my favorite quotes:


“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful.” ― Eric Thomas, The Secret to Success Click To Tweet


I’d say that fits in with Inky’s message today very well….


Speaking of Inky Johnson, here’s a quick rundown of who he is:


A college football athlete, during a football game, a routine tackle turned into a life-threatening injury, and nothing has been normal for Inky ever since. Not with a paralyzed right arm. Not with daily pain. Not with constant physical challenges.

His dream had always been to play professional sports. You might think his injury would have destroyed his motivation and crushed his spirit. But that’s only because you don’t know Inky.





In the video, Inky Johnson said:

The process is more important than the product.

And listening to his story, I would suggest that he had tons of Obstacles in his path.

He worked so hard in his youth to become an amazing football athlete to have it almost scooped away by an injury… yet, he didn’t give up on his goal.  

You see, being a start football player is the product- what he became.   It was the training, the mental work, the positive frame of mind, and the never give up attitude that was the process – who he become.



Here’s what he showing us:

Impose your will on these things, the obstacles, the challenges, the difficult moments.  

It’s the only thing that will make it happen.


Whatever it is that you’re looking to do in your life, whether it’s fitness or owning your business— whatever obstacles lie in your path,  there’s one lesson above all that I got from Inky Johnson.




quote mark 1“Quitting becomes a habit that doesn’t just affect you, but one day when you have a family, it’s going to come back to haunt you and it will one day affect them.”

               -Inky Johnson


In that concept, you’ll find the path to overcoming obstacles… it’s the process that leads to the product.


Lesson’s Learned Here:

People Quite because,

-They don’t have Pride in What They Do

-They’re Selfish- They Make it Only About Their self

-They don’t have a Bigger Purpose

When You don’t have a driving force on Why You Do What You Do, It will be easy to quit.   When life gives an opportunity to stop, most people take it.


Don’t Let that BE You!

→ Do the Extra Drills, the Extra Training, the Additional Steps!

→ Don’t Stop Dreaming- Ever!

→ Put in the Sweat Equity!

→ Realize, It’s not About YOU!

→ Whatever You Start- You Make Sure You Finish!


If that inspires You, then I recommend you check this out!



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I hope you enjoyed this Moment of Motivation and Inspiration with Inky Johnson Who helps us know that it’s not the product, but the process that makes all the difference…. You Must Impose Your Will on Life and Overcome Your Obstacles!


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