“Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong.”

My Fitness Story

An 85 lbs

Weight-Loss Success


WARNING!  Watching this Video or Reading My Fitness Story May Stir Your Emotions, Prove that Anyone Can Get Fit, and Create a Desire for Personal Transformation In YOUR LIFE!


The Picture Before …

It took years, but in the Summer of 2011, I had just turned 31 and was plain tired.


I felt bad all the time and I just remember being sick.   A Lot!

I was about 220 lbs-  What I stayed at for years…

My little baby girl was a little over 1 years of age,

and my son was about to enter Kindergarten.


I came to realize that I wasn’t happy with the way I felt.

I avoided all outdoor activities, especially swimming.

I didn’t like to take my shirt off-  I felt uncomfortable at the beach or the pool.

I’ve tried some diet programs before and a little bit of gym-time—

but I hadn’t ever stuck with anything.


I also went to my first annual check-up that year in June.

–I didn’t like doctors and avoided them since I left home and married my sweet heart.

He advised that it was important that I lose weight for my health.   I had high blood pressure and I was really sick all the time.  Sick and Tired….

I had a few scares with Gal Bladder attacks, which at first I thought was a heart attack.

It was frightening.  

The reality of aging prematurely and obesity was coming perfectly clear.

I got scared about the possibility of not living long enough for my kids.


I  finally decided that I was going to change!


Just wanting to feel better in my health and about myself

 I Started counting calories and began changing my nutrition and the way I looked at food

– While this isn’t for everyone,

I really think it helped change my mindset when it comes to food and exercise.

It seems I needed accountability and a coach to get me started,

But I found out, that once I got going, man I couldn’t stop- because It Felt Good to Lose Weight!

I lost around 40 lbs between December 2011 and March 2012.

This was a big change!

In March,

I made the decision to add an exercise program to my activities.

I chose an at home program and picked POWER 90 from Tony Horton as my daily exercise program.  (Power 90 is now P90…)  but you can get the Old P90 in our On-Demand Catalog )


I could barely do a push-up, but I stuck with it!

I also started using the Chocolate Superfoods formula and adding it to my daily calorie counts for weight loss-

It was great-

-I replaced an entire meal everyday (lunch for me) and got healthy nutrients and feel-better natural ingredients too!

Another 15 lbs down!


←←←  After 45 Days Power 90, Starting P90X – About 165 lb


Well, After 2 months of Power90,  

Big things were happening.

I was enjoying fitness for the first time.

I felt so much better, no longer sick feeling all the time.

And I  became a coach for Team Beachbody.

I could do Push-Ups, Move around,  and actually get out and play with the kids.

I also decided that it was time to upgrade my workout program….

Enter  P90X.

This was the start of a whole new adventure.   

Push-ups I could now do, but pull-ups?….

Wasn’t sure I could!

There was a lot of modifications in the beginning- but I did it and stuck with it….


I officially started P90X in June of 2012.

P90X brought me to a new level.

I was really enjoying the challenge of extreme fitness.

While doing P90X —

My children were even inspired and my son was joining in my workouts with me sometimes…  – his favorite was Plyometrics of course, all that jumping around is fun

Dec 2011 — May 2012 →→→

What’s more was the transformation that my friends and family got to see.

Truly, it changed my life.

I did P90X until July of 2012, it was also at this time

I began to be amazed at the power of the human body and it’s ability to do amazing things athletically…


P90X challenge me in new ways and led me to try  out a few different fitness programs…

I built my own garage gym, hung up a pull up bar and started implementing additional fitness program to my P90X base – including progressive calisthenics/Convict Conditioning….

…I was enjoying learning these things.




And then an unfortunate and most interesting thing happened….



From Broken Wrist to Running Competitor?

I was playing with my kids at one of their friends Birthday parties…

It was a roller-skating party and I was enjoying the fun of roller skating again since I was young.

It came right back to me and I did really well, so I decided to do one more lap as fast as I could—


and I fell…. and broke my wrist!


No more training for me for 6-8 weeks.

I concentrated on my nutrition but grew restless.

I was disappointed and felt like I would lose all the gains I had made in my fitness…

My son sympathizing said


“I’ll do the P90X for you Daddy” – Jamison


Love them kids so much!

They are a big reason I work hard and stay fit.

I want to be there for them for all my life.

They are the most loving kids I know, of course, they’re my kiddos, but they do love their Dad and I love them back with all my heart.

So …..

As soon as I could, I had to find a way to get active.

The moment I got out of my cast and put on a removable splint,

I had to find something to do that was active

In that past – I had no interest in running…..  but since I couldn’t do anything else that’s exactly what I did….


because I couldn’t lift, grip, push-up, or pull-up with my arm for the entire summer…

AND I found out,   I actually liked it just as much as my indoor workouts!

It was peaceful and intense at the same time…

I enjoyed running so much, it become a passion.



I entered into several races and even placed in my age group for my first 10K race…

I found a lot of peace in running. I can clear my head and almost meditate when I run.

On a normal run, when I’m out there,  I listen to the sounds of creation, to the silent voice of God, and there’s nothing else left- but me and the path I’m running.

And my arm healed.


I had to restart very slowly, to build strength back ….    muscle atrophy was tough to deal with.

So,  I started a running/p90x hybrid


←←← P90X / Running Hybrid Training Jan 2013


I completed all the P90X resistance workouts and replaced the cardio routines with running…


I’m happy to say I gained more upper body strength in this period than I ever had before.

This program is really amazing ….


I love P90X because it’s the perfect combination of Strength and Explosive Calisthenics combined with Weight Training.

P90X2 goes into more advanced bodyweight , core strength training and athletic training — more focused on skill-based exercise, core strength, balance, technique and body control…

And P90X3 mixes the science from X2 with all the metabolic effects of the original program all in a 30 minute window….


You can Sample all 3 P90X Programs with Beachbody-on-Demand- click here , because they’re all on there for you to change your life!!


2013 started off as a great year!

I love sharing my passion for this style of fitness and….   I want to challenge you!


Today and Beyond



I truly believe that I’ve reversed the aging process that was wearing me out as a young person in my 20s….

I have lost a total of 85lbs between the time I started and the beginning of this 2013.

I’m at the weight I should be, healthy, strong, and in good physical condition.

I believe at the age of 33,


I’m in the best shape and the best state of health in my life….

 I feel confident, I can play like a kid and enjoy new challenges!

As Tony Horton says- 

P90X is “Indoor Training for the Outside World”

It’s my desire to pay these blessings forward.

I want to help others discover their passion through fitness…


You will find when you can overcome the obstacles in fitness….  

You can do extraordinary things with the rest of your life.


You can Get into the best shape of your life and do the things that  you want to do.


Here’s what Fitness Has Inspired me to do:


→Lose and keep off 85lbs


→Become a Fitness Fanatic and Athlete


→Go from Flabby to 6-Pack abs


→Learn how to change my mindset 


→Launch this Blog, Become a ‘Fitpreneur’  and Help other People Begin their own fitness journey



I get to help others tackle their fitness, mindset and develop their own mission

In the end, it’s about helping other people reach their goals.    

So Now,

We’re at the end of this story and beginning a New Story For You-


IF You are reading this and you KNOW that you need to change your LIFESTYLE to one that Includes Health and Fitness –  

And you’re finally ready to kick Your Success Journey Into Gear… Then it’s Time You Joined Me In this Mission.  



Are YOU READY to Get Started?

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