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The Murph Workout-  What is it?  Why do it?



Today is Memorial Day in the United States…  

It is a day NOT to say ‘Thank-you’ for Your Service to those that have served in the U.S. Military (that’s Veteran’s Day- Which is Honorable as well), but a day of reflection- to honor those that gave it ALL and died in the act of Service.





no greater love than thisEvery year on Memorial Day weekend, athletes and fitness fans around the world perform the ‘Murph’ workout.


It is a workout that started with CrossFit.  


Once called, “Body Armor” and it is now Famous under it’s name of “Murph”,  not just for its brutal toughness, but for what it represents.  


And no longer is it just for Crossfit, but for all of us who claim Fitness as a Lifestyle.


‘Murph’ is not simply another workout, instead, it is designed to honor and remember the men and women of the armed forces that have lost their lives in defense of our freedom.   This intent of the workout has a story of courage and sacrifice behind it.


The story is about sacrifice.  


Specifically, about  Lt. Michael P. Murphy, of the United States Navy (SEAL), born on May 7, 1976, and killed in combat on June 28, 2005.  


Here’s His Story:



LT. Michael P. Murphy (SEAL) was the officer-in-charge of a four-man SEAL element in support of Operation Red Wings, tasked with finding a key anti-coalition militia commander near Asadabad, Afghanistan. Shortly after inserting into the objective area, the SEALs were spotted by three goat herders who were initially detained and then released. It is believed the goat herders immediately reported the SEALs’ presence to Taliban fighters.

A fierce gun battle ensued on the steep face of the mountain between the SEALs and a much larger enemy force. Despite the intensity of the firefight and suffering grave gunshot wounds himself, Murphy is credited with risking his own life to save the lives of his teammates. Murphy, intent on making contact with headquarters, but realizing this would be impossible in the extreme terrain where they were fighting, unhesitatingly and with complete disregard for his own life moved into the open, where he could gain a better position to transmit a call to get help for his men.


Moving away from the protective mountain rocks, he knowingly exposed himself to increased enemy gunfire. This deliberate and heroic act deprived him of cover and made him a target for the enemy. While continuing to be fired upon, Murphy made contact with the SOF Quick Reaction Force at Bagram Air Base and requested assistance. He calmly provided his unit’s location and the size of the enemy force while requesting immediate support for his team.


At one point, he was shot in the back causing him to drop the transmitter. Murphy picked it back up, completed the call and continued firing at the enemy who was closing in. Severely wounded, LT. Murphy returned to his cover position with his men and continued the battle. LT. Murphy fought on, allowing one member of his team (Marcus Luttrell) to escape, before he was killed.


For his selfless actions, LT. Michael Murphy was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor on October 27, 2007. We honor his sacrifice and memory though The Murph Challenge.

Find out more about Michael Murphy at the Memorial Foundation created in his name.


Here’s What the Murph Workout Looks Like:

murph workout



Do the Workout For time:

1 mile Run

100 Pull-ups

200 Push-ups

300 Squats

1 mile Run


Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed. Start and finish with a mile run. If you’ve got a twenty pound vest or body armor, wear it.  



While you workout- think about the honor, integrity, and genuine love that these men and women have given in combat!



Average times for this workout can range from 47 minutes to 57 minutes.  The fastest Murph times are from 40 minutes to 45 minutes.  



If you can’t complete in less than 2 hours, you should be looking to do a Half Murph.




Tips for completing Murph Safely and To Your Level:


1- Drink lots of water and have it readily available

2- Do not use a weigh-vest unless you can already complete ‘Murph’ under one hour without one

3- Scale the workout

→ You don’t have to do the full workout, going half is OK

→ Pull-ups can be done as body-weigh rows, with an assist band or TRX Rows

→ Push-ups can be done on the knees or with hands elevated

4- Pace Yourself- do not go all out at the beginning

5- Use a Rep scheme (see below)



Rep Schemes for Murph


While the crossfit pros and most extreme may do each set in complete (1 mile run, followed by 100 pullups, then 200 Push ups….), there is no reason that you have to or should do the workout in that order.  


Instead, you should use a rep scheme that makes sense.  In almost all cases, you’ll do the 1 mile run completely before and after with your calisthenics rep scheme in between.



Here’s one way to do it:
20 rounds of     5 pull-ups –  10 push-ups  –  15 squats


You can change the schedule up in whatever way works best for you. 



How I’m completing Murph:

20 rounds of    5 push-ups   5 pull-ups  5 push-ups 15 squats


This splits the push-ups up a little bit and then offers upper body recovery during the squats.  Since today specifically will be my first time completing Murph, I will skip the weigh-vest this one time.  


Also, should I start to fail on the pull-ups, I will switch to body-weight rows.   I will post my time in the comments below after completing the workout.    


I will be using the Beachbody Performance Supplement Line to help me power through the workouts (Energize before the run, Hydrate during the workout, and recover afterwards).

Find out more about ‘Performance’ here.




Did  you do it?   Please post your time in the comments below as well!  




Do the Murph Workout With “Purpose”




No only do I encourage you to honor our fallen with this workout today (or at some point during the week), but I want you to take it to a new level and take the Murph Challenge.  Your 40.00 or 60.00 donation will go to the LT. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation. 


The Murph Challenge is the Official annual fundraiser of the presented by Forged®. It is also one of the primary means of funding for the Foundation on an annual basis. 

Register Here (If you missed the deadline- sign-up to register next year- I’ll be back to encourage you!)




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  1. Chondra - May 29, 2017 Reply

    Your post makes me grateful and also pumped up to work out!! Have a great day, Jamie!

  2. Dr. Lisa Thompson - May 29, 2017 Reply

    Amazing story Jamie!

    I have no words to describe…

    Dr. Lisa

  3. Larry Hochman - May 29, 2017 Reply

    I’m gonna work up to this. Great story.

    And I had heard that many veterans are uncomfortable with Memorial Day, simply because it draws attention to them that they don’t feel they deserve.

    • Coach Jamie - May 30, 2017 Reply

      I’ve heard the same…. many don’t want to be thanked, especially on Memorial Day, which is not Veteran’s Day (the day we appreciate All who have served). It seem’s that to those that have, they believe memorial day is to quietly honor and remember those who have fallen. That’s the purpose of the workout… it’s to give all that you can, in honor of those who gave everything. Thanks, Larry for dropping by and leaving your thoughts!

  4. Jelena Ostrovska - May 30, 2017 Reply

    Thank you for sharing this great info. This is more than enough to guide us.

  5. Martin Dean - May 30, 2017 Reply

    These are the stories that are never told on the news. Amazing……I’m Australian but thank you for your service Murphy.

  6. Lynette Bledsoe - May 30, 2017 Reply

    Haven’t heard about this workout Jamie thanks for sharing!!

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